Joe Biden drops in front of the camera and Donald Trump Jr. makes fun of it

Joe Biden drops in front of the camera and Donald Trump Jr. makes fun of it

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Joe Biden got into an unfortunate accident on his way to Atlanta. The American president stumbles several times on the stairs of the plane. But he should not have cut himself.

  • Joe Biden It crashes several times on Ladder to me Air Force One.
  • Then Donald Trump Jr expressed doubts about the Democrat’s health.
  • Biden News: All news about the 46th president United States of America It can be found on the FR topic page.

Washington, DC – An unfortunate accident happened Joe Biden It happened on Friday (March 19, 2021) in front of the cameras: the 78-year-old stumbled on his way to Air Force One. Dependent Democrats At first the first section of the trail climbed quickly. About halfway through, he missed one a step And stumbled. He was able to hold himself with his right hand on the railing, but immediately after that the US President fell two more times and his knee fell on Ladder.

Joe Biden stumbles in the steps of Air Force One

The White House Announced that President us It was good and undamaged and blamed the weather conditions. “It is very windy outside,” said his deputy spokeswoman, Karen Jean-Pierre, according to “CNN.” On board the plane en route to Atlanta, she told US media that it had almost collapsed. “He’s 100 percent okay.” On Twitter, Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said so Joe Biden You do not need medical care. It should have been nothing more than a slip.

US President Joe Biden held onto the runway barrier after stumbling across the stairs as he climbed aboard Air Force One.

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Malice on the part republican Not long ago. About the tragedy in particular became Donald Trump Jr. Amused. The former president’s son, with the message “It wasn’t the wind guys,” posted a video showing his father playing golf. Donald Trump It takes a swing and hits Joe Biden, Which falls next. Trump Jr. He also criticized the media coverage of Biden. At the same time he claims that Democrats Suffering from dementia.

US President Joe Biden. (Archive image)

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Joe Biden: Donald Trump Jr. makes fun of overthrowing US President – ‘it wasn’t the wind’

“I look to all the TV doctors who are Trump card They attacked how they appeared on TV and discussed it Biden “Loss of balance is a dangerous symptom of neurological deficit and dementia … because it is,” she said on Twitter. Joe Biden He took office on January 20 at the age of 78. None of them was the age of a Democrat President us. Joe Biden injured his ankle at the end of November 2020. But he got rid of his support shoes. (Lucas Rogala)

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