Evening curfew: Miami Beach ends spring break

Evening curfew: Miami Beach ends spring break

Curfew in the evening
Miami Beach ends with spring break

They have a long tradition among American students: extravagant “Spring Break” parties to celebrate the semester break. Even during a pandemic, many are unwilling to give up the fun and come to Miami Beach in droves. Too much, the city thinks about and imposes a curfew.

Miami Beach has imposed a curfew in the face of many spring break revelers. On Saturday, the authorities said that it will be implemented during the next three days, from eight in the evening, in the most important tourist areas in the city. Restaurants have to close at 8 PM, too. In addition, the three bridges leading to the mainland will be closed from 10 PM. Only residents, passengers and hotel guests are allowed to use it.

In the past few days, huge groups of students have come to Miami in the US state of Florida to celebrate the semester break (“Spring Break”) with wild parties despite the Corona pandemic. Miami has long been a popular destination for partygoers. But this year, according to Mayor Dan Gilber, there were far more participants than in previous years. “I think it’s partly because there are very few places open in the country,” Gilber said.

City administration’s Raul Aguila justified the curfew with public safety concerns. “It looked like a rock concert. You can’t see the sidewalk or the lawn,” he said, looking at pictures of the huge crowds on Ocean Drive.

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