Virologist Kikule: "The population must pay for the mistakes in politics"

Virologist Kikule: “The population must pay for the mistakes in politics”

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Update date March 20, 2021 at 3:52 PM

  • Alexander Kikuli criticizes the way politicians deal with the Corona crisis.
  • All gates have been opened for the virus variant.
  • The virologist is also very critical of his colleagues.

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Virus World Alexander Kikuli He sees serious errors in politics and science in the fight against the Corona pandemic. He added, “This is why next week’s Corona summit can only take a decision on restrictions and withdrawal of the emergency brakes, which has already been planned on paper.

He told the Passauer New Press (Saturday) that my heart was bleeding. “As a rich and smart industrial country, we should be able to find more differentiated solutions. But this did not work. All that remains is universal insurance. The population has to pay the price for policy mistakes again.”

Specifically, he said it was a mistake: “The gates were literally opened to the variables – for example by opening schools without reasonable alternative concepts,” he told “Passauer Neue Presse” (Saturday). In addition, residents are “outraged” by the restrictions, and the infection situation in the workplace remains uncontrolled. “So there is a triad of shortcomings. Politicians like to use the risk of booms argument to divert attention from their own failures.”

Kikule criticizes his teammates

He also expressed sharp criticism to his colleague. “Unfortunately, many mistakes were also made on the basis of questionable recommendations from scientific advisers. Some countries were much better than us in this regard.”

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Kikuli again spoke in favor Vaccinate only once in the beginning. “This is enough so that we can effectively reduce death in a short time. This should separate the mortality curve from the mortality.”

Ahead of the federal state’s deliberations this Monday on how to proceed with the Corona Pandimi Doctors are calling for tougher restrictions again. At the same time, they warn of an escalation in the healthcare system. (Awa / dpa)
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Scientists doubt why the AstraZeneca vaccine might cause blood clots in rare cases. It is about the mechanism the vaccine triggers.

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