It's time to re-launch pluralism

It’s time to re-launch pluralism

However, international organizations were created primarily to solve challenges between nations, not problems that transcend borders, such as financial crises, epidemics, terrorism, criminal networks, threats to life in our oceans or Climate change. Therefore, we need to modernize our multilateral institutions, make them fit for purpose and better equipped to meet today’s global and multigenerational challenges.

Having noted the profound differences between the world of the generation of the founders of the United Nations and the world of today, we decided last year to resume the discussion on United Nations reform. UN Security CouncilAnd to continue to work to give new impetus to the General Assembly and to strengthen the Economic and Social Council. In line with the Joint Declaration signed on November 10, 2020 in Madrid, we have identified three areas of action that must be emphasized to further our common goal of promoting pluralism.

in the first placeThere is a need for a renewed commitment to international cooperation. Multilateral organizations must have the means and mandate to bring about change on the ground. Cooperation between the United Nations, regional organizations and international financial institutions must improve at both the political and operational levels. The multilateral system should be more open and inclusive to give youth, civil society and the private sector academia and others have the right to participate in the decision-making table.

We are already putting this into practice. On the sidelines of this year’s General Assembly, we organized, in cooperation with the initiative Pioneers of the Way for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societiesdefault eventIntroducing the United Nations Common Agenda: Action for Equality and Inclusionwhich aims to advance the common UN agenda through actions aimed at achieving equality and inclusion, with the aim of ensuring that all voices are heard.

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Second, we must follow the Secretary-General’s courageous action plan to revive and strengthen our capacity to tackle poverty and inequality, ensure inclusion, equal participation and justice, tackle the climate crisis and increase biodiversity loss, and prepare for future pandemic threats.

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