Pandora’s Leaves: Hide this invisible wealth in a box

These structures of Anglo-Saxon origin, valued by wealthy families, allow them to effectively dispose of part of their wealth. For purposes of inheritance, avoiding creditors, shying away from tax administration…Belgians are fond of it.

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Theone was born in the ninth century in order to enrich the monasteries and then served five centuries later for the control of feudal lands and the rights of the knights who engaged in a crusade; The roots of the other also go back to the Middle Ages, from the union between the square Erios de Chastel and Péronne de Lalaing, the heiress of Sid Hoardéri. It is thus included in the list of the oldest Belgian families drawn up regularly by the guide. The Present State of the Belgian Nobility. Only trusts and family Chastel de la Horwarderie can coexist.

The meeting took place at the end of 2006 when Count Jacques de Chastel de la Hoarderie – Belgian but residing in Great Britain, born in 1961 – concluded a trust contract: the latter was called the Ajax Trust, and Aspen was one. guardian and Jacques de Chastel stable As well as the beneficiary.

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