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Who reopens and who stays closed

The introduction of the Green Corridor has certainly made it easier to navigate within the European Union. But not only that, many destinations around the world They have already opened or are about to reopen the borders to travelers, Provided they are vaccinated or cured of Covid-19.

We have already talked about the destinations that Italians can travel to for the purpose of tourism. Today, however, we want to make it clear which countries are about to open (or not), hopefully we can go soon as well. Here are some of the Non-EU countries reopening or not to international travelers.

When the United States opens

As part of the List D countries, Italians can travel to the United States. But, unfortunately, the United States has not yet opened its borders to international travelers. However, according to the latest news, the United States is moving towards rescinding the entry ban imposed, a year and a half ago into a full pandemic, by the then President of the United States. Donald Trump.

In addition to the US tourism sector, European countries have for months been demanding the reopening of borders. And now, after several stresses, the tipping point is approaching: The United States is preparing to reopen the borders For travelers who have been vaccinated from the beginning of November. I vaccinated travelers Coming from 33 countries including Schengen Area countries, UK and IrelandThey will not be held in isolation upon their arrival in the United States, But the obligation already in place to test negative for Covid will remain 3 days before departure.

When Australia opens:

Australia is also one of those countries that, in theory, Italians can travel to. However, while the reopening of the borders as early as mid-October has now been granted with certainty, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that this date will not be in effect for the international tourists. For them, it will be discussed again in 2022, without specifying when.

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Basically, right now It will open doors for Australians, students and foreign workers who have special qualifications. However, it has not yet been decided whether Australian citizens who have been vaccinated will be able to travel abroad.

When Argentina opens

The good news comes fromArgentina Which started a pilot project to receive the first tourists to the country a year and a half after the borders were closed due to the epidemic: starting with Brazilians and Chileans.

The plan is called “Safe Borders” and it was approved by the Buenos Aires government. To enter the country, tourists, including Argentines or residents who have resided in the two neighboring countries in the last 14 days, will pass through Mendoza, on the border with Chile, and Misiones, for those coming from Brazil.

Instead, you have to wait until Until the first of November To see visitors from all over the world return to Argentina, but, as the minister specified, he only vaccinated travelers.

When will the Fiji Islands open?

The Fiji Islands They officially started the countdown to reopening their borders to tourism. Apparently, the boundaries of these dream places will be reached again by November 1st.

As reported by Australian News lettersBy then, the government estimates that it has completed a course of vaccination for at least 80% of the eligible population, and therefore plans to welcome international visitors back safely.

When will Russia open

The Russia It is one of those cases where the borders are open for Italian travelers, but according to the current legislation it is not possible to go on tourism. In fact, the Russian government, by its decision of June 28, 2021, reinstated the possibility for Italian citizens to enter the Russian Federation with direct flights from Italy.

All passengers arriving from abroad – even while in transit – must present a Covid negative certificate (in Russian or English) resulting from a particle swab taken at least 72 hours before landing.

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When the Philippines opens

On the other hand, the Philippines will evaluate the reproducibility of the “Sandbox” model it has adopted Thailand for some destinations. Tourism Minister Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, during the Philippine Travel Exchange (Phitex) held from September 19-23, said that since May this year, the government has been working to establish Tourist paths Similar to the Phuket Sandbox scheme that allows entry to fully vaccinated travelers.

Romulo Boyat also added that precisely in order to prepare for the resumption of tourism in complete safety, everything workers in the sector They must be vaccinated before the end of the year. It can be the first destination to test such an experience Cebu, because it is a logical choice because it is an island with direct international routes.

When does China open?

It is currently not possible to travel to China from abroad for tourism or study, but Only for work, business or family reunionWith a regular visa or a valid residence permit.

However, according to the latest forecasts, China will be ready to reopen borders to international tourism Spring or summer 2022.

When will Chile open

The good news (midway) comes from the government Chile who – which He announced a gradual reopening of the borders to tourists, but with restrictions: 5 days of quarantine. Entry of vaccinated tourists will start from the first of october.

The announcement came several weeks after Decrease in cases and positive rate that does not exceed one percent nationwide. Foreigners will need to have a negative PCR test done up to 72 hours before boarding, medical insurance and a vaccination certificate from the country of origin.

When Brazil opens

It is not yet possible to travel to Brazil for tourism to the extent that direct air traffic to Brazil is suspended until October 25 (excluding additional extensions).

When will indonesia open

The entry of foreign nationals into Indonesia is still prohibited, With exceptions relating exclusively to limited categories of foreigners (diplomatic envoys, holders of temporary and permanent residence permits that have not yet expired, foreign employees working on strategic projects and medical aid, crews of ships and aircraft), but the progress of the vaccination campaign can cause things to change.

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In fact, an island Bali It will open its doors to international tourism on October 14th, but only for some countries including China, New Zealand and Japan: This was announced by Maritime Affairs Minister Luhut Panjitan, according to reports from CNN , Noting that all passengers arriving at Ngurah Rai International Airport will be subject to an eight-day quarantine period.

When Japan opens

Japan is also part of the list of countries that Italians can go to for leisure. However, currently lEntry for tourism reasons is prohibited until further notice And from any country in the world.

But not only. The local authorities also suspended, until a later date, the granting of new visas for study or work.

When will South Africa open

The South Africa It is open to international travelers, but we Italians cannot go there yet according to the current legislation. Passengers with a negative Covid-19 PCR test dating back no more than 72 hours before travel to South Africa are allowed – regardless of the country of origin.

The test must have been done by a licensed physician or laboratory and signed by the person responsible for it. Travelers who are unable to present such a certificate will be subject to a quarantine period at their own expense. Anyone who submits a fraudulent test will be Banned from South Africa for at least 5 years.

Finally, we remind you that the rules are constantly changing. For this reason, before planning any trip, it is important to refer to the website created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, safe traveland institutional locations in destination countries.

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