Italy challenges Ireland to the podium with a global flavor – OA Sport

Italy challenges Ireland to the podium with a global flavor – OA Sport

Guinness Six Nations 2021 Women close tomorrow and Etaldon will play in Dublin against Ireland in the final for third place. It represents an important challenge for the Blue to conquer the podium of the tournament, but one that has a more special flavor given that in the coming months the Andrea de Giandomenico girls will play in the 2022 World Cup in New Zealand.

In fact, Italy will have to play the qualifying tournament (which, due to Covid-19, neither the dates nor the format have yet been known) and which in addition to the Blue Leagues, Scotland and Ireland – and possibly – Spain. Involved. Scotland and Ireland were, and will be today, the direct rivals of the Six Nations. After a clear and convincing victory against the British, success with the Irish would be an excellent business card in a global key.

The two teams reach the date with a win and a defeat in the match bag, With Blue losing to England and then defeating Scotland, demonstrating the excellent qualities and the need to reduce the small defects that cost dearly in both matches.

On the other hand, Ireland started with a landslide victory over Wales, clearly surrendering to France. TheIn short, two teams will play on the field that have shown good qualities and some limitations We hope, therefore, in a difficult, balanced and amazing match.

The squad that appeared on the pitch in Scotland’s victory last Saturday has been fully confirmed. Large triangle formed by Ostuni Minozy – at the first goal in the blue jersey in Glasgow – with Captain Forlan, after the Scottish hat-trick, and Magati on the wing. The midfield pair will be formed by Celari and Rigoni with the mediator keys assigned to Madia and Paratín who will play 98 matches for Etaldon. On the third line, Giordano will wear the number eight shirt with Argetti and Sjorbini completing the section. Duca and Federici lined up in the second line, while in the front line on either side of Betoni – who won the 60th title in Scotland – Jay and Skovka would take the field.

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Foto: Alessio Tarpini / LPS

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