Football.  The fifteenth type of contract player who joined another club during the season

Football. The fifteenth type of contract player who joined another club during the season

Gaël Fickou, Louis Picamoles and Lucas Pointud, three international players who changed clubs during the season. (© Screen capture / Fotojet)

This is Debate Which feeds rugby news and crystallizes attention for days. This new phenomenon Transfer or loaning of players in the middle of the season. Not less than 42 players And so he (!) Joined a club Top 14 during the year Medical Joker or Additional player.

Movements amplified in the last days, after National Rugby League (LNR) made it possible by opening a new “exceptional basis” The recruitment period is between April 9-30, Due to the health context related to Covid-19. Rugby News So it introduces you to the fifteenth type of players on contract who joined another club during the season.

15. Valentin Source (Agen-Colomier)

After you have already planned the gathering Colomier Next season, winger or fullbackagent (26) He joined his future club earlier than expected, and Haut-Garonnaise denounced much of the breakup. The is yours He made things easier, being in a complicated sporting situation and building – without him – his team for next season.

After arriving during the season at Hérault, winger Gabriel Epetoie had decided on a two-year extension with Montpellier.
Gabriel Epitoi’s move to Agen will not be remembered, because after six short months in SUA, he joined Montpellier last January. (© Icon Sport)

14 – Gabriel Epitoi (Montpellier agent)

Great disappointment of Agen’s recruiting. Insane potential, but physical glitches and a quick desire to look elsewhere. Montpellier One second did not hesitate to enlist the young English winger (22), until he recaptured him early in January as the inaugural medical joker. Henry Pollard. agent He did not object to his release, Visa …

13. Gail Fico (French Stadium – Racing 92)

Transportation that has caused a sensation in recent days. Still under contract with the capital club, left the international center (selection 63) French stadium In part, “to ease the club’s finances.” Signed for the first time for a neighbor and a competitor, and Race 92, In order to join him next season, but his arrival was in a hurry. He’ll finally play the residents of Ile-de-France in April as the medical clown in Henry Chavansi.

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12 – Florian Nicott (Pau-Colomiers)

Clearly not in plans Department Balawaz, With only two games played this season, center Florian Nicott he returned to ColomierFirst as a medical joker, then as a team member for the 2021-2022 season. In the process all winners: Paw Saw a player leave 6 months before the end of his contract; Nicot played 9 games Since arriving on Colomier !

11. Rudi Wolf (Lyon – Toulon).

In his final year as a player, Rudi Wolf He will know two clubs. Only used in rotation to Lyon, 37-year-old New Zealand midfielder or winger, has been officially loaned Toulon, Disabled in three quarters. A loan in just the name, because Wolf is knocking out the tapes this summer …

Elton Gantges, the inaugural South African player, will settle in Pau in the coming days.
After packing his bags at Bao this weekend, Elton Gantges, Springbok’s inaugural player, is currently held in solitary confinement and is scheduled to play his first 14 matches on May 8 in Agen. (© Icon Sport)

10 – Elton Gantges (Black – Pau) / Patrico Fernandez (Lyon – Perpignan)

To save her skin, the Department Balawaz Performance by recruiting 4, or even 5, Springboks editorials Elton Gantges. An additional player must compensate for the absence of the strategist due to injury Antoine Hastoy And be operational very quickly. A move that has nothing to question as far as the top 14 score.

10 others who changed club during the season: Lyon Pato Fernandez Join went Perpignan At the beginning of January, after the termination of his contract with immediate effect.


This is the only situation where no one has moved during the season. Evidence that prof Half scrum It A rare commodity Who does not leave like this in the transfer market …

8. Louis Bicamoles (Montpellier-UBB)

Already involved withUBB For next season, the 35-year-old third-grade international center finally joined the Gironde Earlier than expected, a month ago, as a medical clown Marco Tolin. Picamoles gained a lot of change, as I moved from Get hold of himself With Montpellier To the joys of table top with Bordeaux Beagles.

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7 – Ava Amosa (UBB – Bayonne)

Very little is used before Christophe Aurius to meUBB (Only 2 periods), Samoa Ava Amouza He was released early by the leaders of the Gironde, in order to join Bayonne, On February 13th. He registered with the Basque Club as a medical clownAlexander Manukula, Before collecting again until 2023 by extension Sky and white.

6 – Timo Mayanavanua (Northland – Lyon)

As of last November, the second or third Fijian International Line (23 years old; choose one) has been listed before LOUAs a medical clownEtienne Ostwiesen Absent until the end of the season due to a heart problem. Thanks for a successful start with LyonThis great hope for Fijian rugby, which was announced to succeed Sonny Nakarawa, then managed to extend his two-year contract with LyonThat is, until 2023.

5. Adrien Warion (Provence Rugby – Toulon)

L ‘U20 International French was loaned out to RCT Until the end of the season, before committing to it for the next three seasons. Because of Covid-19 Which led to the cancellation and postponement of three matches in Toloni, Warion He hasn’t made his debut yet with his new club. To make up for this departure, Provence Rugby Induct the second line from CusterAnd the Hans Nkensee (28) He has only played 7 games this season for CO.

4. Thomas Jolmes (Toulon – UBB)

unwanted Patrice Collazo to me Toulon (Only one period), Thomas Golms He was released early by RCT, From a common agreement. In the process, joinUBB Medical clown Mohamedou Diaby Until the end of the season, before making a definitive commitment to Gironde for the next two seasons.

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Not used to Thomas Golms in Toulon, he put his bags and gorgeous red hair down at UBB, last March. (© Icon Sport)

3 – Daniel Brennan (Montpellier – Brave)

Banned from competing in Montpellier (24 minutes played this season), mainstay Daniel Brennan Put his bags in Brave Until the end of the clown medical season Cody Thomas. Since arriving at Correz last November, he has World Under-20 Champion With the French national team he played 9 matches with Taxi-All competitions combined, including 2-holder.

2 – Paula Nguamo (Agent – Castries)

Laid before agent Following an accident between the players on December 19 during the trip to TrevisoIn the Challenge Cup, the Tongan prostitute quickly bounced back CusterAs a medical clown Marc Antoine Rallier. Three weeks earlier, Ngauamo then expanded to CO until 2023.

1 – Lucas Pointud (Pau-Castries)

While the plans of the Bao crew (0 games this season) are no longer the international pillar Lucas Pointud (33 years old; two choices) on loan to Castres until next June, in order to make up for an absence Theodore Straw And the Julius Nostadt. Unfortunately, in his second match with CO, he broke his right ankle and won’t play again for this season. Let’s quote too Vincent Bello Who made the journey from La Rochelle to Bayonne, as a medical clownUgo Boniface.

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