It revealed its artistic elegance and independence from what we know

It revealed its artistic elegance and independence from what we know

Tesla is preparing to unveil a brand new car: the Model 3 Ludicrous. Before its official launch, we already knew more about the technical sheet of the car, and in particular its autonomy.

Model 3 is ridiculous
Funny model 3

A few days ago, Tesla reportedly held a secret event during which the veil was lifted The next Tesla Model 3, which is a ridiculously more powerful model than the others. The latter succeeds the old performance version, and this time takes the codes of the new Model 3 “Highland”, but with greater power.

Ahead of its official launch, the European homologation report has unveiled part of the car's technical nameplate. In particular, we learned that Tesla Model 3 Ludicours will be introduced Maximum speed 261 km/h and two enginesOne at the front (3D3A 158 kW 240 Nm) and one at the rear (4D2A 303 kW 448 Nm).

What is the autonomy of the Model 3 Ludecross?

The report also reveals the expected range of the car. According to published data, LGNMC battery with a capacity of 79 kWh For the version manufactured in Shanghai will be offered Maximum range is 528 km according to the WLTP cycleA maximum power of 415 kW. This is slightly less than the old Performance version, which offers a range of 547 kilometers with its 76 kWh battery.

In return, we will find new features such as active suspension, fast charging up to 312 kilowatts, roof rails, and even ventilated sports seats. Also note that the car can be equipped with it 20-inch Pirelli P-ZERO 4 wheelsOr a 19-inch Trackback. Empty weight was declared at 1854 kg, which is slightly larger than the old performance version. Finally, no acceleration data has been shared, but some leaks claim around 2.9 seconds for 0-96 km/h acceleration.

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Right now, we don't really know when the new Model 3 Ludicrous will be officially launched. However, Tesla has recently filmed a lot of promotional videos for the car, and the latter has already been seen several times on California roads in different colors: red, black and even blue. It is therefore likely that the announcement will be imminent, especially since some journalists have already been able to attend a closed event dedicated to the new sedan. Obviously we will keep you updated as soon as we learn more about it.

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