How to get and use Clairvoyance Glasses in Palworld

How to get and use Clairvoyance Glasses in Palworld

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The latest Palworld update brought a new item that lets you decide if a Pal is worth capturing. Here's what you need to know about how to get and use Clairvoyance Glasses in Palworld.

There's nothing more frustrating than wasting time and all kinds of resources and Pal Spheres to catch a Pal, only to be frustrated by its stats. This reminds us that we should not trust appearances.

Now that v0.2.0.6 is out, you won't encounter this kind of situation anymore, because of a new item that allows you to look at your Pal's stats: Clairvoyance Glasses.

Learn how to get Clairvoyance Glasses in Palworld to help you capture the friend of your choice.

Clairvoyance Glasses can be unlocked from the Tech menu at level 34. They require you to spend 4 Ancient Civilization Coins to unlock them.

Once you open it, you will need to collect the materials needed to craft it:

  • 30x refined metal ingots
  • 2x palladium shards
  • 10x ancient civilization coin
  • 5x The heart of ancient civilization

Palladium Shards are the easiest to obtain, and only require you to search for blue rocks in your surroundings. For refined bullion, follow our guide to find out everything.

You can get Ancient Civilization Coins from Alpha Pals, while Ancient Civilization Hearts can be obtained by fighting Pal Bellanoir.

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Clairvoyance Glasses act as an aid, which, when equipped, allows you to see teammates' stats. This allows you to discover hidden talents in friends by revealing their attack, defense, and health stats. This also works on enemies such as those in the guild.

So, before sacrificing a randomly selected friend, keep in mind that this item has the ability to save you from the regret of accidentally deleting a friend with excellent stats. We recommend using the Sight Glasses dually with the new manipulation ring for a successful and guaranteed capture.

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