video.  After tasting Britt's chips, McFly and Carlito visit the factory in Brittany

video. After tasting Britt's chips, McFly and Carlito visit the factory in Brittany

The famous Brit brand chips have certainly left their mark on McFly and Carlito. In December 2023, YouTube users made a video in which they tasted about twenty flavors of potato chips, in particular from the Altho factory, located in Saint-Gerand (Morbihan), which produces those for Bret's. The duo then appealed to the French chip manufacturer to come visit Breton.

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“It's raining potato chips”

The collaboration didn't take long. Saturday, April 6, 2024, McFly and Carlito published a new video on YouTube in which we find them in Brittany. In less than 48 hours, the number of views reached more than 1.2 million.

Noyal-Pontivy is directed, first of all, to meet potato producers. Then the Altho Factory, where two YouTubers look like two children in a river of candy. “It's raining flakes” McFly shouted as he saw the thin slices falling from the conveyor belt.

Powder on potato chips

But above all, they finally discovered the holy grail: flavouring. Or how flavor is given to different chips. “There's a smell!” It is a powder applied to potato chips. This was simply the secret! »

In addition to the simple visit, McFly and Carlito indulged in a new tasting session. Ten types of chips have been put on the table, some are in the testing phase, and four will be commercialized “In the spring, we just launched these products into production,” he said. confirms Laurent Cavard, CEO of Altho Bret Group.

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A good communication step for the company which, depending on the feedback, can develop or not develop certain products. “It's a great idea,” Carlito says after asking if croque monsieur flavored potato chips will soon appear on shelves.

This will not be the case. On the other hand, potato chip lovers will soon find pastis, curry sauce, cheddar and Auvergne blue cheese flavors. McFly and Carlito had already gotten a taste of it. And leave with these new packages.

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