John Cena hopes to return to WWE in 2025 for 'One Last Hello'

John Cena hopes to return to WWE in 2025 for 'One Last Hello'

John Cena was on Night 2 of WrestleMania 40 to surprise Bloodline and the WWE Universe, but what does the future hold for him?

As noted in Catch-Newz, John Cena already had plans for two photo shoots after WrestleMania 40, but in an interview for The Pat McAfee Show on April 8, 2024, Cena said he wanted to do one last round. In fact, John Cena announced that his WWE retirement was approaching and that he was considering the possibility of retiring before he turned 50 (he is now 46), and said:

''The time for fighting in the ring is coming to an end.''

So when will his last period be?

He added that in the near future he will be busy filming a commercial for Honda and then an advertising event in Las Vegas. He will then travel to France to resume filming, which was delayed due to COVID-19, and filming for Season 2 of Peacemaker will begin and end in the United States.

According to John Cena, all of these The activities will keep him busy until December 2024 after which he hopes he can free himself from Hollywood for one last lap :

“Hopefully I can take a break from Hollywood and return to the WWE family for one last chance.”

In conclusion, one final WWE storyline could come true for his WrestleMania 41 adventure if he can fit it into his schedule. A WrestleMania adventure that may also be the last.

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Interview on the Pat McAfee Show:

Image source: WWE

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