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Ireland wins in New Zealand

by Paul Vieu (@iDalgo)

It’s historic! For the first time in its history, Ireland managed to beat New Zealand at home with a score of 23-12. Thanks to this success, the Irish are back to win everywhere in this series of test matches, which will end after the third match, on July 16. The Irish started the second Test with great force, scoring their first attempt at the game in the third minute by backing Andrew Porter. The Irish continued to hold the Black House unchallenged, leading them to make mistakes on numerous occasions. It cost the home team dearly, receiving no less than two yellow cards and a red card for Angus Tavao in the first half. The All Blacks still managed to score an attempt at the end of the first half. But 15 of the clubs started the second half strong, and Andrew Porter scored twice in the 49th minute. The Irish take advantage of their numerical superiority and New Zealand’s inaccuracy to take off thanks to Sexton’s penalties. Is Jordan’s late game attempt not enough to get back, and the Irish win the match.

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