The 10 Best Short Comedy Series You Can Enjoy in a Day, According to Reddit

The 10 Best Short Comedy Series You Can Enjoy in a Day, According to Reddit

With the fourth version of What do we do in the shade? Almost here and all the excitement of the new season creates more anticipation among fans, and it’s almost unfortunate how quickly his short seasons have come. Fortunately, sweet short comedies make the best shows worth watching.

For fans who can’t wait to enjoy one of the best comedies and need something short to fill that gap, Reddit has plenty of recommendations. With some of the most popular shows of recent years and other yet-to-be-discovered gems, there is something for every type of comedy fan.

Letterkenny (Hulu)

Canadian comedy series about a fictional rural community in Ontario that has been running since 2016. to leave me She now has 10 seasons under her belt, and while that may seem like a lot of content, with only six episodes in most seasons, it can clearly get bogged down. Redditor djvbmd explained how powerful his appeal is, saying, “A friend recommended it to me a month ago and I’m already in my 5th or 6th party!”

Given that it’s based on a YouTube series, it’s no surprise that the show is fast and efficient when it comes to making good jokes, which makes it hard not to keep watching. With all 10 seasons available in one location on Hulu in the US, it’s clear why the show is so easy to watch.

Park Boys Trailer (Netflix)

With dozens of seasons, 3 movies, separate animated series, and more, it wouldn’t be possible to browse all the Canadian simulated series in one day. However, Redditor IttyBittyKitty420 suggests an approach to address the problem boys park trailerExplaining that “the original seven seasons are TV gold” and since “each episode is more or less self-contained… it’s good to enjoy at any pace.”

Avec de courts épisodes et de courtes saisons, se concentrer sur ces sept premières saisons de l’émission, qui se concentre sur trois résidents du parc à roulottes essayant d’esquiver la loi tout en commettant divers délits de mineurs’, day. While anyone who enjoys these seasons will likely enjoy subsequent seasons as well, they are not considered as essential as the popular original series.

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The Good Place (Netflix)

Great show for fans What do we do in the shade? gluttony while waiting for the new season, the right place It is a show centered on a very exclusive utopian afterlife in which the amoral central character feels sent by mistake. Redditor AlienBlueManGroup suggests him because of his great choice and notes that Michael Schur’s post helps ensure he has “good writing and a kind heart”.

With four short seasons and 22-minute episodes, it’s a show that can fizzle out surprisingly fast once it launches, and with real twists, it’s also compelling in a way that few comedies can achieve. funny and inspiring, the right place It is definitely one of the most interesting shows.

Flowers (Netflix)

British shows are notorious for having incredibly short seasons that manage to pack everything a show needs into as concise a package as possible, which means there are plenty of lesser known examples that are perfect for sleepovers. Suggest a redditor flowersA show starring Olivia Colman and focusing on a deeply dysfunctional family, and complementing “black British humor.”

In two seasons of 6 episodes, the series managed to make people laugh and explore serious topics, particularly around mental illness. Many sitcoms include sad episodes, but there is darkness in them flowers This means it’s not for the faint-hearted, though those who might appreciate her uncomfortable involvement in comedy will find her perfect to devour.

Concorde Flight (HBO Max)

Redditor MoonMonsoon was brief in offering his choice of a comedy movie that could be tackled in a day, simply saying “Flight of the Conchords” as his recommendation. The HBO sitcom focuses on the New Zealand music duo of the same name as they attempt to achieve success in New York City.

Quirky and unique, the show won awards before it ended after only two seasons, and while it deserves to run longer, it’s the perfect comedy package to watch in one or two sittings. Conchords . Journey He also has another attraction in that one of the duo is Jermaine Clement, who also created What do we do in the shade? series.

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Comfort Kim (Netflix)

While it is not possible to immerse yourself in the entire five seasons rest kim In a single day, all of its half-hour episodes with their thrilling stories about the characters of the charming Korean-Canadian Kim family ultimately allow the viewer to see much more than set out.

Redditor sunshinesway summed up why the show is such a popular choice, saying that it’s just “a really cool and useful show!” Some serious issues led to its early ending and a lot of actors moving on to bigger things, but its five seasons make it the perfect length to keep viewers hooked throughout.

IT Crowd (Netflix)

One of the best workplace comedies that takes place in the three-person IT department of a large corporation, computer crowd It is a UK season with 25 episodes to enjoy. Redditor ritlesthepaul88 highlights the show, saying that it meets the criteria as it will take “about a busy day” to complete the entire show.

With each episode generally self-contained and often containing an odd plot that puts its hilarious characters in completely absurd situations, this is a show that makes it easy to keep watching. She also has a lot of memorable moments that stand out even if they are all watched at once, which has helped her secure a new audience on Netflix.

What do we do in the shadows (hulu)

Now is a great time for newcomers to today’s devious Staten Island vampire simulation series to try it out, as well as a great time for old fans to re-watch the first three seasons, before the upcoming fourth season. Redditor OlderAndCynical just had to highlight the show’s title, simply saying “what we do in the shadows” for his suggestion to receive a lot of support.

Based on the Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement movie of the same name, the series was created for FX by Clement and features a host of British and American talent in the lead roles. With each season only being 10 episodes long, the only downside to this gluttony is that the show goes through pretty quickly, at least until the new season is released.

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Dairy Girls (Netflix)

Set in Northern Ireland during the last years of the ‘Troubles’, Dairy Girls is a surprisingly funny comedy series about five teenage girls who attend the same Catholic High School for Girls. With the series ending last year, that means there are only three painfully short seasons left to spend with the show’s unique and memorable characters.

Redditor krpfine comments on a particularly strong point in Dairy Girls“This series breaks me,” she said, because its simple yet effective approach to comedy is what makes it watchable. With his addition to Netflix, there’s no reason not to get sucked into one of the best comedies of recent years.

I think you should leave with Tim Robinson (Netflix)

While sitcom tales are great for keeping viewers hooked for the long haul, the little laughs offered by the stand-up comedy format make them perfect for enjoyment. For this reason, Redditor DocJupiter’s question “Can I take care of you ‘I think you should leave'” has garnered a lot of support from other users.

One of the best new graphics in recent years, I think you should leave He perfectly uses Tim Robinson’s quirky sense of humor to subtly create grotesque and hilarious situations to delight the viewer. With episodes lasting no longer than 15 minutes and only two six-episode seasons, it’s a show that can easily be processed in a day, and it was also renewed for a third season earlier this year, which means now is a good time to give the unique show a try.

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