iOS 17.2 includes a brand new app from Apple

iOS 17.2 includes a brand new app from Apple

Apple introduces iOS 17.2 beta on iPhone. The update includes a new app from the company: Journal. It uses artificial intelligence to help you take the pulse of your daily life.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro // Source: Frandroid

We’re used to it by now: Between June’s WWDC announcements and the release of the new version of iOS, Apple neglects some functionality along the way. In fact, the first version of iOS 17 released with the iPhone 15 is not yet complete: some of the company promises that it will only arrive with intermediate versions. For example, iOS 17 has so far overtaken Apple’s new Journal app. Only with the iOS 17.2 beta were users able to start discovering it.

Magazine app with artificial intelligence?

The Journal app is a brand new app from Apple for iOS. It should allow you to document your daily life and keep memories, such as a diary. You can add details about your day with photos, music, or audio recordings.

It’s also one of Apple’s first apps to ostensibly use artificial intelligence to help you. Thus, the Journal app is able to suggest saving specific memories based on your location, photos, music you listen to, or even your physical activity.

Apple is committed, and the company promises, that these suggestions are based solely on information stored on your device, without access to it from developers. This information is also encrypted and can only be unlocked by Face ID or Touch ID.

Apple’s Journal app competes with apps of the same type that are already very popular on the App Store. The developers of the latter will be happy to know that a new API dedicated to logs has been implemented. It allows apps to access the same memories or contribute memories to the Journal app.

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iOS 17.2 is available in developer beta. A public beta will soon be offered to all users.

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