Microsoft tells us more

Microsoft tells us more

Satya Nadella highlighted hybrid AI models, which can rely on the power available locally thanks to NPUs to perform their calculations, and also on the cloud to perform heavy tasks. For example, Windows Copilot is already based on this hybrid architecture, between on-premises and cloud computing.

“The pioneering experience for us will be co-pilot.”Satya Nadella follows. “When Windows was first created, we had a Start button. Copilot is like a Start button. When I express my intent, it either directs me to an application, or it enters the application’s functionality into Copilot ». Obviously this post will “Completely change user habits”.

Pavan Davuluri announced how the co-pilot will evolve to become indispensable. “You will be able to personalize every interaction. AI will be able to take into account multiple applications, services, and devices, and act as an assistant that can communicate and maintain context across workflows..

I understood that artificial intelligence does not seem to be just a momentary fad, but rather an element that will improve and accompany us on a daily basis. In any case, Microsoft is convinced that the future lies in this type of technology.

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