Patch 10.2: Blizzard is previewing Emerald Dream – World of Warcraft

With patch 10.2 of Dragon JourneyWe will go to a new part of the Emerald Dream. In a just published article, Blizzard provides an overview of it. Find it now below.

The Emerald Dream is a powerful, green place, a source of life and hope, essential to the survival of Azeroth. It has been protected for centuries, evolving under the watchful eye of the Green Dragonflight. Throughout these centuries, Flight has defended itself against attacks from the Old Gods, the Burning Legion, and other threats. With the Emerald Dream once again under attack by Fyrakka and her forces, the heroes of Azeroth must band together to save it from destruction at all costs.

A special seed planted by Tyrande has given birth to a new World Tree and is about to reach Azeroth. Fyrakka and her forces, including her allies Flame Druids, move beneath the branches of the World Tree, igniting the Dream People in their attempts to saturate the heart of the World Tree with fire, thus using it as a conduit for pouring fire. Eternal flames spread throughout Azeroth.

Yousra’s eye sees everything

At the heart of the Emerald Dream is the Ain Yusra, named after the dreamer Yusra. It’s the The headquarters of the Green Dragon Journey’s power, but also the stronghold From where the Brood takes on its mission: to protect Azeroth.

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