Indianapolis 500 Miles: On which channel to watch the race this Sunday?

The 105th edition of the Indianapolis 500 Mile will take place Sunday on the legendary oval of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The race will be watched live at 6.30pm on Canal Plus Décalé (Canal Plus Sport Weekend) with comments from Stephane Genti. Air ride from six in the evening to view the race!

Scott Dixon Last Sunday he took center stage at the Indianapolis 500, for the fourth time in his career. The New Zealander got the best despite trying very well Colton Herta, Averaged 231,685 mph over four laps.

At Fast Nine, Dixon was the last driver on the track and recorded a strong pace on his first lap, which immediately suggested that the six-time IndyCar champ would be the serious customer of the pole. 2008 Indy 500 winner, Chip Ganassi Racing driver has since been chasing yet another success in the world’s largest oval race.

The 105th edition of the Indianapolis 500 will take place on Sunday, May 30, in the presence of a scale set at 135,000 spectators. Tricolor representatives Simon Pagenaud and Sebastian Bordes It will start 26 and 27, respectively. (Motorsport info site)

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