Indy 500 Ignore Pandemic

Indy 500 Ignore Pandemic

One of the most prestigious auto races on the planet, the 500-mile race in Indianapolis will become the sporting event with the most spectators since the start of the pandemic 14 months ago.

In fact, the organizers have indicated that 135,000 hobbyists will be accepted at the site, which is about 40 percent of the venue’s capacity.

Usually, the famous speed ring has 250,000 seats; A total of 400,000 people can be admitted within the boundaries of the vast complex.

This annual classic will surpass two other sports competitions held recently, the cricket match held in Melbourne, Australia, and the boxing match between Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders, which was presented in Arlington, Texas, which gathered 78,000 and 73,000 spectators respectively.

What are the rules?

Several photos and videos were circulating on social networks at the end of last week, during the days designated for the Indy 500 qualification sessions.

We see thousands of fans swarming the stands without wearing a face covering and without respecting physical distancing measures.

In front of such a crowd expected on Sunday, many are concerned about the risk of an outbreak, even if we read that a good percentage of people present immediately have received two doses of the vaccine.

To pass three?

Takuma Sato will attempt to join a select group of ten drivers who have won the Indianapolis 500 at least three times.

The 44-year-old, who won in 2017 and 2020, wants to be the first to show off in the winner’s circuit for two years in a row since Brazilian Helio Castronivis in 2001 and 2002. Only five drivers have achieved this milestone in history.

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New Zealander Scott Dickson will take the lead when the 33 singles move to the starting net. Two Canadians will participate in the match, James Henschliffe (16th place qualification) and Dalton Kellett (30th).

Jacques Villeneuve is the only maple leaf actor to have won an Indy 500 award. That was in 1995.

Two of his countrymen later succeeded in achieving the leading position. They are Alexander Tagliani (2011) and the same Henschcliffe (2016).

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