Super Rugby Trans-Tasman. Comment expliquer la razzia Néo-zélandaise ?

Super Rugby via Tasman. How do we explain the New Zealand raid?

Since 2020 and the dreaded Covid-19, Super Rugby has been turned upside down as a whole. No more gatherings between the countries of the Southern Hemisphere, welcome to the national competitions. This allowed the birth of Super Rugby Aotearoa in New Zealand or Super Rugby Australia in Country-Continent. Editions were re-issued during this year 2021 initially. Because then, Super Rugby Trans-Tasman has arrived to bring together the five Australian franchisees and 5 New Zealand franchisees. To the greatest joy. Clashes every time between teams from the two countries. After two completed days and a few days before the third day, the observation was relentless. 10 matches, 10 wins for New Zealand. How do you explain such a tidal wave?

The first argument, too light we’re giving you, is to hint that blacks are simply the best, period. We definitely carry little and exaggerate, But how can we not admit that New Zealand remains the largest provider of world stars in our sport, a fertile land that seems inexhaustible despite its small population. Sports there resonates like religion, as some claim, and we can imagine it. It is illustrated by Caleb Clark, Will Jordan, and others who have all burst into the eyes of the miniature world of the oval ball the past two seasons. But let’s go back to our sheep and these confrontations between the Australian and New Zealand franchisees. What is the best way to explain our point of view, from a return to the clashes between the different formations? Day one had already set the tone. If the Crusaders were definitely released after securing their Super Rugby Aotearoa title a week before they had all the troubles in the world to get rid of the Brumbies (31-29), then three more meetings were one-sided. Highlanders passed 40 points to the Reds (40-19), and the Blues 50 in Rebel Park (3-50), while the Warata and Hurricanes gave us the sight of madness by scoring more than 100 points (48-64).. In the face of strength, the leaders on their part owed their salvation to a missed kick a few centimeters away from Domingo Muti (19-20).

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