In the full jubilee, this tale about Elizabeth II and two tourists did not go unnoticed

In the full jubilee, this tale about Elizabeth II and two tourists did not go unnoticed

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Elizabeth II, June 2, 2022 at Buckingham Palace.

United Kingdom – Famous for its sense of humor despite the reservation forced by the Queen Queen Elizabeth II He played a trick on two American tourists. Marking the Sovereignty’s Platinum Jubilee, ex-protection officer Richard Griffin shared this funny anecdote with sky newsFriday, June 3, on the sidelines Mass Celebrate at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Despite being one of the most famous public figures in the world, Queen Elizabeth II It can go unnoticed at times. On the grounds of her royal residence in Balmoral, Scotland, “there were these two pedestrians turning toward us and the Queen was stopping to say ‘hello,'” remembers Richard Griffin. Two Americans were […] And it was clear from the first moment we stopped that they didn’t recognize the Queen.”

“You must have met the Queen?”

According to the Queen’s former officer, the man began telling them his itinerary before asking Elizabeth II where she was staying. Determined not to reveal her identity, she simply told them she had been living in London but had been visiting her second home, which she had visited since childhood, “for 80 years”.

“Well, if you have been here for 80 years, you must have met the Queen?” Then he asked the tourist, who according to Richard Griffin had some doubts. It was not enough to make Elizabeth II shiver, who promptly replied that she had not met the King but Richard Griffin had “seen her regularly”.

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When asked about the character of the Queen, he replied – entering Elizabeth II’s game – that “she can get angry sometimes, but she [avait] Nice sense of humor.” Then a comic scene followed, the former bodyguard of the Queen recounted: “The man stood beside me, and put his arm around my shoulder. And before he realized what was happening, he gave his camera to the Queen and asked her to take a picture of us,” he recalls.

Then the tourists posed for a picture with the queen, who never revealed her identity to them. He said, “After the Queen had bid them farewell, she told me she wished she had been a little mouse the moment he showed those pictures to these American friends.” sky news.

There is no doubt that since this meeting, the two tourists have had the opportunity to smile at their mistake. The tale, however, was very entertaining with netizens. A journalist commented, “You won’t hear a better tale about the Queen all weekend.” sky news.

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