Vladimir Putin "suffers from cancer": the White House denies it

Vladimir Putin “suffers from cancer”: the White House denies it

The day after the US weekly Newsweek revealed, the White House officially denied it had written a report suggesting that Vladimir Putin had been treated for “advanced stage” cancer.

It would be wrong. Contrary to what was written NewsweekWashington never wrote a note declaring that the master of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin Last April, he was cured of “advanced stage” pancreatic cancer.

The US National Security Council confirmed that “rumors about the existence of such assessments from the intelligence services or the transmission of such information to the president are incorrect.”

On June 2, Newsweek confirmed in its columns, relying on three different US intelligence sources, that the Russian head of state was to undergo surgery for pancreatic cancer.

Two oncologists beside his bed

One even claimed to have other “compatible sources” In Russiawho told him all that Vladimir Putin, 69, had been “followed up by oncologists for two years”, and that “April’s operation was under local anesthesia in the abdomen”, indicating “pancreatic cancer”.

Since the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine on February 24, information regarding the health of the Russian president has been regularly published. But all theories were removed by the head of diplomacy in Moscow, Sergey Lavrovwho confirmed that Vladimir Putin is doing well.

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