Forty NATO ships docked in Stockholm ahead of the exercises

Forty NATO ships docked in Stockholm ahead of the exercises

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Sweden, like Finland, asked to join NATO. Its candidacy is being examined, but this does not prevent the Scandinavian kingdom from already being very close to the Atlantic alliance, and it has been for many years. Stockholmers were able to realize this with the arrival at their port of about forty warships, which on Sunday will take part in maneuvers in the Baltic Sea.

With our correspondent in Stockholm, Frederick Fols

The flagship of this fleet, Stockholmers cannot miss it. The helicopter carrier USS Kearsarge, 257 meters long, had difficulty finding its place in the port of the Swedish capital. Around him, at the pier, in various parts of the city, came another 40 ships from the United States, but also from a dozen other allied countries.

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It’s a remarkable liaison to NATO, which has stopped in Stockholm as Sweden celebrates the 500th anniversary of the founding of its naval fleet this weekend. And for those who came to see this majestic fleet and especially to photograph it, it all seemed like a rehearsal before Entry of their country into NATO.

Anyway, this is how Marcus and Jacob feel: “ We’ve had NATO ships here before, but not that big. We need the security that NATO gives us, because we are very close to the Russians “Says one of the residents. ” I totally agree. It’s great to see all these countries behind us ! “The other continues.

This fleet will leave Stockholm on Sunday for the Baltic Sea, where it will participate in 12 days of maneuvers at the gates of the Russian naval base in Kaliningrad.

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