In Poland, farmers do not attack a Europe that has “lost its mind”

In Poland, farmers do not attack a Europe that has “lost its mind”

A crowd of demonstrators in Warsaw protesting against Green deal The European Union raised customs duties on Ukrainian products on Tuesday, February 27.
Sergey Gapon/AFP

Decrypt – Demonstrations against the Green Deal and Ukrainian imports are growing, putting Prime Minister Donald Tusk under pressure.

In Warsaw

“This is Poland.” The slogan that has been echoing in the Polish countryside for more than a month finally found an echo on the streets of Warsaw on Tuesday. It is a nationalistic truism that sums up the state of mind of several thousand farmers who came to express their anger at Europe and is echoed in the streets of the Polish capital. “It was important for us to go to Warsaw, because that is where important decisions are made… Note that we should have gone to Brussels instead.” quips bitterly Patrick Natkanek, a young 27-year-old dairy producer, waving his white and red flag.

The rural world's anger toward European institutions first took root at the local level. On January 24, Dariush Fusko took part in a parade of about a hundred tractors in the small town of Piotrko Trybunalski. He added: “All of Europe has lost its mind regarding the Ukrainian questionThe grain producer slammed on the wheel of his machine. they…

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