And the amnesty law approved by the Council of Ministers

And the amnesty law approved by the Council of Ministers

On Wednesday evening, the Council of Ministers approved the amnesty law. It was proposed last Monday during the opening of the national dialogue initiated by President Macky Sall to try to find a way out of the crisis that the country has been going through since the head of state announced the postponement of the presidential elections.

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With our correspondent in Dakar. Thea Olivier

President Macy asked He announced a general amnesty law for “ Facts related to political demonstrations » Happening since 2021 Approved by the Council of Ministers. During these days of protests, hundreds of people were arrested, dozens were killed, and significant material damage was caused.

But before it comes into effect, this law still needs to be voted on in the National Assembly. Therefore, no date has been announced. This law, which aims to appease, does not win consensus in any case, neither in the opposition camp nor in the majority camp.

National Dialogue

In the Council of Ministers there is a president Senegal He also announced that he will receive National Dialogue Report During a session scheduled for Monday, March 4, the matter will then be referred to the Constitutional Council to take its opinion on the dialogue’s recommendations.

Presidential elections on June 2, slate open to additional candidates, President Macky Sall serving as head of state until his successor is elected… Many of the proposals resulting from the national dialogue were boycotted by 17 of the 19 candidates selected by the government. Constitutional Council. Most of them contacted the Seven Wise Men and accused Macky Sall of taking action.” Procrastination » « No date has been set for the elections “.

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