The Russian embassy pledges to take “countermeasures” to Sweden's entry into NATO

The Russian embassy pledges to take “countermeasures” to Sweden's entry into NATO

The Russian Embassy in Stockholm confirmed that the Kremlin would handle the matter “Countermeasures” Sweden's accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), in a message broadcast on Tuesday evening, February 27, 2024, via its Telegram channel.

“Russia will take countermeasures of a political and military-technical nature to reduce threats to its national security.”as a reaction to the fact that this Scandinavian kingdom would become the thirty-secondH A member of NATO, the Russian diplomatic representation wrote, quoted himFrance Press agency.

Russia threatens

Their content “It will depend on the circumstances and extent of Sweden’s integration into NATO, including the possible deployment of forces, means and weapons in this country.” It continues in NATO.

Sweden received the green light from the Hungarian Parliament on Monday to join this organization, which removed the last obstacle to the accession process that began two years ago. Thus this country, keen to join NATO since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, will put an end to more than two hundred years of military non-alignment.

“It is up to Sweden to make a sovereign choice about its security policy. At the same time, Sweden’s entry into an anti-Russian military alliance will have negative consequences for stability in Northern Europe and around the Baltic Sea, which remains our common domain and which will never become a NATO lake.”Russian diplomacy confirms on Telegram.

Strategic “NATO Lake”.

Sweden's accession, following Finland's accession last year, means that all countries bordering the Baltic Sea, except Russia, are now members of the alliance. It is enough to encourage some observers to rename this sea “Nato Lake”The Allies will be able to significantly restrict the movements of the Russian fleet in the event of a conflict.

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Sweden's accession would certainly make it possible to better protect the Baltic states, but Moscow would still retain the heavily armed Kaliningrad enclave.

Since 2014, NATO enlargement has been one of the things “Main external threats” In the Military Doctrine of Russia, the document that defines the defense policy of this country. In order to prevent Ukraine from entering the Atlantic alliance, Russia launched its forces to attack its neighbor in February 2022.

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