In China, such attitudes are popular with oppressed youth

In China, such attitudes are popular with oppressed youth

a novel – The thriving comedy shows, despite being monitored by censors, provide breathing room for the Asian giant's younger generations.

Special Envoy to Shanghai (China)

“My husband is from Ireland. People say, 'Wow, where is this?'The young Shanghai audience burst into laughter as Down Wong made jokes pointing out the cultural differences between China and the West in this small, sweltering room in the country's largest city. The bleach-blond haired Dongby woman made a name for herself by posting her sarcastic wedding speech online, in which she humorously teased her new Irish family.

The Chinese youth loved it because here we are not used to making fun of our family. “It's a sensitive topic.” The 35-year-old comedian explains to his 1.8 million subscribers on Weibo messages that he is touring across the world's second-largest economy. A journey that will take her to Chengdu, Wuhan, Canton and even severe Beijing, to witness the…

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