Nigel Farage, supporter of Britain's exit from the European Union, and candidate for the British legislative elections on July 4

Nigel Farage, supporter of Britain's exit from the European Union, and candidate for the British legislative elections on July 4

This is the first surprise in the British legislative campaign. On Monday, June 3, Brexit hero Nigel Farage announced his candidacy for the position of MP under the banner of the British nationalist Reform Party, which is on pace to threaten the Conservatives in power from the right.

At the age of 60, this unlicensed immigration killer, but star host on a conservative channel, has within a few years become a figurehead for the British hard right. While he had confirmed ten days ago that he would not run for any seat during the legislative elections scheduled for next July 4, he announced on Monday that he would not run for any seat. “Change opinion”. “I will be a candidate”He announced this during a press conference announced just a few hours ago.

He will also take over the leadership of the UK Reform Party, hitherto led by Richard Tice, of whom he was honorary president. “There is a rejection of the country’s political class to an extent unprecedented in modern times.”Nigel Farage said, stressing that he cannot do that “For him to fall [les] “Millions of people” Who, according to him, reject the current political class.

He announced on Monday that he would run for the Clacton constituency seat in south-east England, which voted overwhelmingly for Brexit in 2016, and said he wanted to lead the country. “political revolution”. He said bringing the Conservatives and Labor back, particularly on the issue of immigration, is at the heart of the UK's reform agenda. “Nothing works anymore in this country.”.

This former MEP with a divisive personality, who has already tried unsuccessfully seven times to be elected to Westminster, currently works as a presenter on the conservative TV channel GB News, a platform that guarantees him a certain popularity with Conservative voters.

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Admire Donald Trump

For a while, after being suspected of wanting to rally Conservatives, some of whom make no secret of their sympathies, Nigel Farage has finally turned to Reform UK, the nationalist group, heir to the Brexit Party, in full force.

According to the latest YouGov poll, the party, which is now also attacking climate policies, is credited with a vote intention of 15%, just five points ahead of the Conservatives, and well ahead of the Liberal Democrats, the country's traditional third political force. Although, given the method of voting, this does not guarantee that the UK Reform Party will win seats, the pressure is on the Conservative Party, which may lose crucial votes on the Fourth of July.

Nigel Farage became known in 2016, at the time of the referendum on the UK's departure from the European Union, for which he campaigned fiercely. One Donald Trump fan – who has dubbed him “Mr. Brexit” – repeated that on Monday “The world will be safer with Donald Trump in the White House.”.

If the Labor Party largely dominates voting intentions one month before the election, Nigel Farage has confirmed that he wants to attract it. “Millions of voters” To ensure that the Labor Party wins by a large margin “much smaller” What the polls predict. He judged that UK reform was capable of doing so “Getting more votes than the Conservative Party”Who is struggling at the polls after fourteen years in power and the succession of five prime ministers. “Our plan is to be the opposition party in the next parliament and the largest party.” He told the country within five years.

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