For the first time, it was claimed that American weapons were used to strike Russia

For the first time, it was claimed that American weapons were used to strike Russia

Two days after the green light was given by Joe Biden, Ukrainian media claimed that the Himar strike had hit a Russian anti-aircraft defense system in the Belgorod region.

A new ban fell, and the Ukrainians did not wait long to benefit from it. The Ukrainian military, struggling across the entire front line, has received the long-awaited green light from US President Joe Biden to strike Russia with US weapons.

Ukrainian media reported that the strike of the Himar, a multiple rocket launcher often used with guided missiles with a range of up to 80 kilometers, hit a Russian S-300 or S-400 anti-aircraft defense system in the Belgorod region. “The Ukrainian army confirmed on Monday that cross-border strikes had occurred and that military targets had been struck.”reports Kyiv Post.

Several Ukrainian Telegram channels also posted photos of the burning target. The Russian Telegram chain Astra has confirmed that the attack is available in the Belgorod area, in the area of ​​the Korotcha precisément area, at 57 km northwest of Belgorod, in the evening of 2 June.

“A number of military equipment burned.”The channel added that one person was killed and a number of soldiers were injured. He added: “The Ukrainian Armed Forces are launching strikes from the Himar Mountains in the rear of our forces. Our air defense system was hit in the Belgorod region.”As reported by Russian blogger Dva Mayora who also reported drone strikes in the area.

the Kyiv Post Reports also indicate a possible hit by a Russian battery of Iskander sub-ballistic (surface-to-surface) missiles in the industrial zone of the border town of Shibykino, about thirty kilometers from Belgorod.

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Until then, Ukraine had used its own fire systems, especially its drones, to strike Russian territory. Today, it can rely on the powerful weapons of Western countries, which have given their mandate one after another to attack Russia, albeit with some restrictions. Ukraine should not use long-range Atkm missiles, and should focus on the Belgorod region without targeting Russian territory deeply.

However, Kiev hopes to convince its allies to grant it more freedom. “This is not 100% licence. There are rules that must be respected.”Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said during a press conference on Monday while promising “Working to expand its scope of application”.

Russia bombs the Kharkiv region daily, where it launched a new attack in May. Moscow specifically uses guided bombs dropped from aircraft in Russian airspace, outside the range of Ukrainian weapons. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stressed on Sunday that the only way to put an end to this is to be able to use Western weapons with greater range, in particular to target Russian air bases, expressing gratitude for the green light given by his allies but still considering it “Insufficient”.

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