'I'm doing my best,' it refers to the prop of La Rochelle Ramiro Herrera, who can continue in the end.

‘I’m doing my best,’ it refers to the prop of La Rochelle Ramiro Herrera, who can continue in the end.

The Argentine right-hand column (42 games), who has injured his calf twice this season, is back before the November break. Facing Bao, on Saturday, November 27 at 3 p.m., he will be determined to maintain his rank

Strikers coach Romain Carmenani told us that the New Zealand players have been booked After the victory of the bluesThis was the case, too ArgentiniansAfter the November exams?

No, but honestly, November wasn’t the best time for Argentina, I’ve watched all the matches, I’ve been in touch with some players… But hey, that’s what it is, that’s the reality of the team. Congratulations to France, I am happy for it, it is a country that gives me so much. And then, it’s good to see all blacks under pressure like that, I’m glad for you guys.

Did you find your French partners a bit squishy on Monday, after the tour?

No. Between France and Argentina there is a little Clásico, there are a lot of Argentines in 14th place, in Pro D2, we are tied to France, we are a little Latino as well. No, it’s an honor, winning the first Blacks title… I remember last year when Argentina did it, it was amazing. This doesn’t happen every day, congratulations you have to take advantage of it.

Personally, we imagine you are hungry for matches, after three participations in play, against Toulouse, at Perpignan and then against UBB?

Of course ! I’m doing the most of myself, and then there are things I can’t control, like injuries. But it’s a fact, it’s a high-level sport. There I feel 100%. I went on vacation with good feelings after playing against Perpignan and Bordeaux. I was coming back from a serious shoulder injury that lasted four and a half months. Then against Toulouse, I tore my leg twenty minutes later. It was four weeks of absence, before contracture occurred in the calf itself. Slowly back, I’m 32, sometimes the body speaks to you, you have to listen.

“Slow back, I’m 32, sometimes the body speaks to you, you have to listen”

Should an injury cause more frustration when you play a little?

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Yes, because we can not control it. When you tie them together, you are less confident in your body, so you have to work on it. Fortunately, we worked well with the medical staff.

So in Perpignan, there was relief despite the defeat?

When you come back from injury and finish the match, you’re telling yourself it’s really good. Unfortunately we lost it when we could have won it, but we weren’t thorough enough. I felt good, and since that match, I’ve been building my comeback.

How do you see the competition?

She’s big. Uini (Atonio) is an international, playing here for ten years, Joel (Sclavi) from Jaguares, (Guram) Papidze is a very good prop. It’s great, the tournament is long, this competition brings the team.

appointed coach

“Ramiro hasn’t played much because he was injured. We have to wait for her to come back, to be competitive. To explain the team’s options, there is a glimpse of the team and the corners we will play in, the stadium,” says Romain Carmenani, the attacking coach, but he has about Forty picks with Pumas (42), a great experience for international and French rugby, and he knows very well we count on him.”

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