Ugo Mola avec Toulouse.

For Mola, the current generation is “one of the best in a long time”

The Stade Toulouse coach trusted France’s fifteenth level after the victory he scored against the All Blacks (40-25).

Toulouse coach Ugo Mola believes that the 15th generation of France, who recently defeated the New Zealanders (40-25) with several of his players, are “One of the best for a long time».

«With a little success and a lot of hard work, she can achieve some fun things.”, said the Toulouse technician at a press conference on the eve of receiving Brive on behalf of the eleventh day of the Top 14.

«I didn’t wait to see Romain Ntamak, Antoine Dupont, Anthony Gillonch, François Kroos, Julien Marchand, Beto Mufaca, Thibaud Flament or others playing in a blue shirt to know they weren’t so bad“, he added.

Mola hopes that the international experience gained by his players will benefit his club: “Some observers believe that when Stade Toulouse is doing well, France is doing well. But I also like that when the France team is in good shape, the Toulouse stadium continues to perform well.»

«Exposure at a very high level allows us to grow our players, and make them become world-class players“More progress.”We want these players to continue to form the group.»

If second rower Thibaud Flament and winger Matisse Lebel enjoyed learning of their first-choice during fall tests, versatile full-back Thomas Ramos, who was called up in the France group, didn’t play a minute of the match.

«He wasn’t necessarily having a good time just being a training partner’” his coach admitted to him. “But it’s also a move he has to accept, which will make him stronger in the long run.»

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«He’s someone who knows how to balance things out and knows what needs to be done to play at a very high level. I’m not too worried about him‘ Mola insisted.

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