FIBA WC Qualifiers

Basketball World Cup Qualifiers | Four undefeated in South America, which is good for Uganda Davis

The first two days of competition, in the run-up to the 2023 World Cup, in South America: In the focus of Buenos Aires, all eight teams competed in a row, with two wins each for Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil and Uruguay. In – respectively – Paraguay, Panama, Chile and Colombia. Well, in Argentina, Carlos Delfino returned to the national team in 39 (21 and 6 assists in the first, 12 and 5 assists in the second). Today and tomorrow the North and Central American national teams will be on the field: Canada, Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands and Bahamas in Santo Domingo; USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Cuba in Chihuahua City.

With some national teams (among them Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines) making their debut only in February, a positive start for China (+16 in Japan, today’s revenge), Lebanon (+58 in Indonesia), Jordan (+7 in Saudi Arabia, Iran (+16 over Bahrain) and Kazakhstan (+10 over Syria).

All (two sets, the other two at the start in February) on the pitch in Angola: yesterday’s victories for Uganda’s Brandon Davies, Well in Cape Verde, and Nigeria over Mali, with the only team undefeated after the first two games. This is Ivory Coast, who will try to make three of a kind today against Guinea.

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