Rules to protect yourself from hackers in video games

Rules to protect yourself from hackers in video games

The rule for any device is only one: if it is connected to the Internet, it is likely that a cybercriminal will attack it. And all the devices we use to play video games are no exception. However, we gamers are often not aware of the risks we face when we play League of Legends or when we download a game from Steam. The main security risk for those who play online multiplayer video games is account theft. Moreover, hacking a game account can be the first part of a more complex cyber attack, as the criminal targets the accounts of other victims.

most dangerous threats

Easy-to-guess passwords: Many people use weak passwords or have never updated them since the account was created.
Data breach: Even high-tech multinational companies and online games suffer personal data theft in the order of millions of credentials.
– Credentials: As mentioned above, many people reuse their password, username, or both of their credentials for multiple accounts. Online gaming accounts are often one of the starting points for accessing data, but they can also be the end target of an attack.
Cross-site scripting: Some poorly protected websites can be vulnerable to this type of attack, where the hacker forces the web server by entering malicious text, or a few lines of computer code that allows him to make the server perform illegal actions, such as return Personal data and other information stored in cookies for users.

Then there are the two traditional threats: malware and phishing. In the first case, hackers often take advantage of downloads of pirated versions of video games or pre-release versions from other countries by circulating infected files over the network, especially in P2P networks. Also due to desire and / or convenience, many players end up as victims of phishing attacks, with which cybercriminals tempt them, with rewards or promises of savings, to click on deceptive links and enter their personal data on fraudulent web pages.

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How to protect accounts from hackers.

– Enable two-factor authentication (if applicable). For example, to protect your Fortnite account, you can add authentication via the app or a code sent by email.

Create strong passwords and never use the same credentials for multiple accounts. To facilitate this process, it is recommended to use a password manager.

Download an antivirus and set up automatic updates. It is very important that your antivirus software is always up-to-date because the latest vulnerabilities are often the most exploited and the most dangerous.

– Choose a VPN to connect to an anonymous identity, protect yourself from DDoS attacks, and escape from the prying eyes and online criminals.

In conclusion, we always remember that the first line of defense is accurately represented by our stakes. If it’s too good to be true, don’t click it. If your opponent (or teammate) is immortal or just shoots in the head, gives up a match, even if it’s competitive, you never know what the wrong player could do.

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