“If the patient walks again, it is not a miracle, it is science…”

“If the patient walks again, it is not a miracle, it is science…”

Eduardo Martin Mouraud, researcher, works with the NeuroRestore team at the Center Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV) in Lausanne, Switzerland, led by Professors Bloch and Curtin.

Nerve restoration

“A simple surgical procedure, where the neurotransmitter was implanted in the spinal cord in the lower back, connected to electrodes. This intervention is usual, because for other diseases that involve recurrent pain, which are resistant to chemistry, thanks to this we can interrupt the pain signal at the brain level. This time, we implanted the system in the lower part of the lumbar region, and more precisely, to target specific areas that correspond to the stimulation of the leg and foot muscles. »

Other candidates coming soon

“Mark suffered from asymmetry on the right side when he walked, with a limp, trouble with stability, and dyskinesia, not to mention the “freezing” phenomenon. Sometimes his feet remained attached to the ground. He fell five or six times a day, no longer left the house, and was no longer active. By stimulating the lumbar region on the right side, we were able to compensate for this weakness. Some electrodes activate leg extension and flexion, others stimulate the gluteal muscles. Concretely, he is equipped with motion sensors, via a small box attached to his shoe to measure his activity. Everything is connected to a remote control that turns it on in the morning and turns it off in the evening. Her life was restricted, but today she is more open and active. It’s not a miracle – even if it looks a bit like one – it’s science. »

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A group of other candidates, first six, then about ten, will begin Mark’s journey, patients from Bordeaux, Lausanne and even the United States. Then long-term effects can be detected. Very quickly, other patients will be able to access it. The success of the French-Swiss experiment was published in the scientific journal Natural medicine.

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