At Gibavas, Ites opened a toy library space for autism spectrum disorders

At Gibavas, Ites opened a toy library space for autism spectrum disorders

The latter, a few months ago, rode his bikes on the roads between Landerno and Ile-de-Ré with a cause that lies at the heart of this challenge: autism. “For ‘Heart and Legs for Autistic Children’ I traveled 520 kilometres, was welcomed in 56 town halls and met many wonderful people. A beautiful story that ends with a very strong emotion to see and open this space and see its concrete realization,” says Jean-Luc Forne. Thus, over the course of a week, and in several stages, Jean-Luc Forne raised awareness and raised funds, namely 5,000 euros.

This amount was donated to the Training Foundation in order to create a dedicated space for the game library in the Documentation Center, called the “Blue Zone”. In this game library, students, especially those enrolled in the Intervention with People with Autism Spectrum Disorders certificate training, will be able to find material that is both theoretical and fun at the same time. “We chose to arrange the equipment in this space according to the certification skills centers,” says Marianne Elias, training manager.

Doors open on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th November

The first Ites Open Days of the academic year will be held on Friday 17th from 2pm to 6pm, and Saturday 18th November from 9am to 1pm. They will be presented in the form of Social Work and Training Days, and will allow visitors to discover training, meet representatives of associations and institutions that employ social workers or attend mini-conferences.


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