How does your vacation work?  science answers us

How does your vacation work? science answers us

Behavioral science studies human habits and interactions. If this research helps Understand how our brain worksThey are now also being used by search engines to understand our desires and offer more and more products that are supposed to make us happy. Many scholars have considered holidays and How to make the most of accommodation. Discover the secrets of a successful vacation.

Anticipate your holiday for more fun

Contrary to popular belief, vacations in and of themselves are not the only source of pleasure. Actually, The period leading up to your stay is also very important. Thus, American researchers, Amit Kumar (University of Chicago) and Thomas Gilovich (Cornell University) published a study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology confirming this. Their result was impressive: When we crave something, our brain makes 14% more dopamine than usual. A good reason to gladly consult guides and other books to prepare your trip.

Make the most of your trip

Scientists have analyzed human behavior, especially the brain, in order to understand what Ingredients for a successful stay. At first, it seems necessary to take care of the beginning of your vacation so that it sets the tone for the rest of your stay.

As curious as it may sound, a week’s stay will be more beneficial than a two week trip. In fact, according to behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman (Nobel Prize in Economics), our brain does not differentiate between the two vacation periods. The most important thing is to do a lot of activities and Put your mind ‘on vacation’As Elginy, a professor of work ethic in Chicago and author of The Importance of Being Lazy, stresses.

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Tell about your holiday for more satisfaction

According to Amit Kumar, a professor at the University of Chicago who studies the relationship between happiness and money, vacations play an extension role when we tell our loved ones and colleagues about them. In fact, the We tell them to prolong the fun !

Find out how to enjoy your vacation according to the science in detail.

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