A summer exhibition and a museum night drive the Campanaire-Espace Museum Pierre Lasserre

A summer exhibition and a museum night drive the Campanaire-Espace Museum Pierre Lasserre

“Claude Augie, a man of many talents”

The Night of the Museums was held on Saturday, by the Friends of the Museum, and the Society of Friends of Claude Augie, led by Mr. Aris. The evening had just begun, upon entering the Musée Campanaire- Espace Pierre Lasserre, a few piano pieces from Claude Augie’s notebooks (on Claude Augie’s piano), translated by pianist-musician Lise Lenhard, also a music teacher at L’Isle-Jourdain. This musical moment was refreshing, pleasant and light, and the selected melodies resonated in this extraordinary setting… “I have a dream, I’d like to give a concert about Frederic Mumbo in the museum,” says Liz Leinhard.

A few words about the exhibition

During the summer, the curious will be able to discover the history of this character that is Claude Augie, a highly documented exhibition, relives his dizzying career, his life in the night … An extraordinary life, spanning the period from 1854 – in 1924, he was interested in music and photography , and was also a teacher, teaching mainly French and history, while co-teaching all subjects of the Preliminary Patent Program …

He is also a musician, for 4 years, from 1880 to 1884, Claude Augé served as director of the Philharmonic Society of which he was a pianist: he played the drum there from the age of 9, then the pistons trumpet. From the age of 14… many publications would follow him because he had a real personal musical approach!

All this has been told to you in the form of pictures and readings … You should also know that in 1880, Claude Augie married Laurence Jury, the granddaughter of the sister of Madame Larousse and the latter invited the couple to go to Paris, where the teacher from Lille went quickly devoted himself to editing dictionaries.

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New Illustrated Larousse (1898-1904) in 7 volumes etc……….providing abundant illustration on every page and in the form of paintings where color brings an undeniable allure…often produced by artists in That time, it must according to Claude Auger’s wish “to always be an assistant to the idea”.

Having the Larousse edition in your library is a real gift, it is beautiful and contains a wealth of information, a reference for everyone …

This exhibition is visible to all, from July 3 to October 27

Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Sunday closed, only open first Sunday of the month

Contact: 01 30 07 62 05

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