Pouilloux – The road to Marisy, it’s over, the entertainment area on the rails

Visit by David Marty, President of CUCM in Pouilloux. A fruitful meeting with Mayor Michel Chardo.

The urban community has undertaken road paving work on the Via Marisy (Rue des Chaumes). Work, carried out in May, focused on reconfiguring the road, followed by gravel coating at 2,270 metres. The cost of this work is 64,600 euros.

Teamwork site: tennis court renovation and picnic area project

As part of its 2021 investment, the municipality of Pouilloux wanted to develop a “recreational” space near the municipal stadium.

This project concerns the renovation of the tennis court, in order to make it useful for the residents of the municipality (the work was carried out), the construction of a petanque court and the installation of picnic tables in order to provide a place for meals and drinks. Entertainment for families. Public lighting has also been planned for the area.

These developments are implemented with the aim of sustainable development and improving service to the population. The municipal stadium and its tommasi wood surroundings and the pedestrian walkway that runs alongside it, make it a popular walking spot by the residents, and the development of this area aims to complete the equipping of the area of ​​interest for “excessive local proximity.”

Dry toilet installation study will be conducted as a second step, in light of users’ feedback.

Work is scheduled to be completed in September. The total amount is 35,000 euros.

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