How do you adapt your company space to work remotely?

How do you adapt your company space to work remotely?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, remote work has taken precedence in companies. For many of them, it is now a question of rethinking spaces in order to provide spaces for employees that adapt to this new way of working.

There was a time when remote work was not possible because the technology did not exist. Today, companies can equip all their employees to set up remote work quickly and efficiently thanks to a virtual private network but also to new communication technologies including video conferencing.

Optimize your office space

Having an organized workspace is essential to team productivity. However, this was not always the case during successive closures, as some employees did not have office space at home.

With the health crisis, employers have taken initiatives to improve work environments in order to encourage the productivity of their remote teams as well as their well-being. They have significantly redesigned the workspace by creating more open-plan offices with more space, but also by allowing their employees to work in co-working spaces.

Choose furniture storage as a solution to lack of space

Furniture storage is a good spatial alternative for businesses in Paris in particular. If you want to rearrange your office space, consider storing unnecessary furniture in a file Paris Guard Furniture. Likewise, rent your storage space, office, workplace or local business at the gates of Paris.

Custom spaces such as Bluespace offer flexible space solutions in their centers in Gennevilliers and Noisy le Sec. It is possible to rent storage rooms of up to 200 square meters, offices with co-working spaces. The building is monitored by CCTV cameras and is accessible 24 hours a day. for more information call us

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