Nicolas Hulot calls for 'change' so that 'chaos don't reign'

Nicolas Hulot calls for ‘change’ so that ‘chaos don’t reign’

show guest Apollin de Malherbe, The RendezvousThis Saturday, Nicolas Hulot reacted to the heat wave currently affecting Canada. Proof, in his words, that the world has “failed” in the face of global warming.

A guest on a group of our show Apollin de Malherbe, The Meeting Former Environmental Transition Minister Nicholas Hulot on Saturday denounced the global “failure” in the face of global warming. Reaction to the heat wave ravaging America’s North Pacific coast, especially the Vancouver region, as well as the latest findings of a UN climate experts report at the end of June, called for “change” quickly if we don’t. You want chaos to win.”

“Now the priority will be adaptation”

In this report, revealed by AFP on June 23, UN experts assert that no matter how often greenhouse gas emissions are cut, the devastating effects of global warming on nature and the environment will accelerate humanity on which it depends by 2050.

We read, “The worst is yet to come, with implications for the lives of our children and grandchildren far more than our own,” while awareness of the climate crisis has never been widespread.

“We failed today,” replies Nicolas Hulot, president of the Hulot Foundation and former Minister of Environmental Transition. “When we started worrying about global warming, the goal was to stop it. We called it mitigation. (…) Now the priority will be adaptation, that is, protecting it.”

A fight should be a “Union theme”

“We had time to organize the ecological transition. Now we are called to change quickly if we do not want chaos to triumph,” he continues, explaining the already visible consequences of global warming such as the heat wave currently affecting Canada or floods in France.

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He continues, “Science has been alerting us for a very long time, unfortunately all the patterns are happening.”

Faced with this remark, the former minister invites everyone to mobilize, expressing his regret that this topic does not achieve unity. He asks, “Why is this issue, which is not dogmatic but a scientific reality, still a subject of division, doubt and ridicule? It must be the subject of union.”

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