Les Vignerons Ardéchois ouvre une nouvelle salle "Papilles" dans leur espace Néovinum à Ruoms.

Vignerons Ardéchois is based on a new room “Papilles” in the Ruoms

Ardèche wine growers renovated a room in their Néovinum space in Ruoms. This completely remodeled room, which cost almost 20 thousand euros, was called “taste buds”. Objective: To discover the main grape varieties of the South Ardesh.

The space of Néovinum in Ruoms in the south of the Ardèche. © Radio France
Melanie Tornader

Enter the six major grape varieties of South Ardesh

We focused on the six major grape varieties grown in the southern Ardèche: viognier, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon for white and chatus, and grenache and syrah for redexplains Manon Meycelle, Director of Wine Tourism at Les Vignerons Ardéchois.

This room costs about 20,000 euros, we called in the local craftsmen, the goal is to make a facelift and invigorate the visit.“Explains Philippe Dray, Director of Vignerons Ardéchois.”This Néovinum space was €3.5 million of investment in 2013 and little by little we are renewing and improving it.“.

Fun and interactive room

This “taste buds” room comes after a survey conducted among customers. “We conducted nearly 300 surveys, and visitors wanted fun and interesting activities“Manon Messel explains.”So we created interactive games with a very sensual side.A game of aroma discovery and tannin made for young and old.

Interactive game of aromas in the room "taste buds" In the space of Néovinum in Ruoms.
An interactive game of aromas in the “Papilles” room in the space Néovinum on the Ruoms. © Radio France
Melanie Tornader

We sell wine and know that vacationers in Ardèche come with families, so we had to find a way to please the adults as well as the kids.Define Manon Maisel.

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Play on tannins in the room "taste buds" In the space of Néovinum in Ruoms.
Play on tannins in the “Papilles” room in the Néovinum space in Ruoms. © Radio France
Melanie Tornader

Attracting visitors to these spaces is very important, with direct sales in our cellars representing a total of 10% of Vignerons Ardéchois’ sales volume.President François Guigon explains.

The Southern Ardèche Co-operative Cellars Association (Les Vignerons Ardéchois) brings together nearly 1,000 winegrowers and represents 6,000 hectares of vineyards.

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