Housing Development: The space of ideas in the home has a new look

Housing Development: The space of ideas in the home has a new look

To discover all the tips that make everyday life easier, and to obtain information and advice that promote independence at home, the Agirc-Arrco Ideas for Good at Home room moves and resides in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Guided visit.

The new Espace idées bien chez moi opened on June 21 and offers different spaces.

Seniors, carers and professionals will be able to visit the show apartment, which showcases dozens of ideas to make life at home easier. Simple, effective and often inexpensive solutions.

While the previous version of the space looked like a showroom, this new place is designed like a real apartment, with its entrance, living space, kitchen, bedroom and two bathrooms.

The opportunity to discover innovative installations and objects in real life and test them “on the ground”. With a firmly decorative bias.

Beautiful furniture, colorful bars, aesthetic floor coverings… The apartment allows you to make yourself stand out, and shows that the air-conditioned accommodation does not look like a hospital room!

But it also aims to allow entrepreneurs to test and showcase their innovations in the service of maintaining independence.

Outside the apartment, Espace idées bien chez moi has and organizes conference rooms Workshops, meetings and training courses for individuals and professionals. The program is published online every three months (See the program for April and June 2024).

For seniors and caregivers who cannot travel to the 13th arrondissement of Paris, public workshops are being broadcast online. It will also be possible to visit the apartment remotely soon. In the meantime, you can participate in… Virtual tour of the ancient space onlineOr through a virtual reality headset in some of them Prevention Centers Agirc-ArrcoTo discover tips and tricks for designing space at home.

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useful information

Ideas space at home
12 rue Pirandello, 75013 Paris
Open Monday-Friday, 9:30am-12:30pm and 2pm-5pm, walk-in appointment.
For more information: [email protected] or 01 71 72 58 00.

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