There are a lot of unsold Tesla cars that can be seen from space

There are a lot of unsold Tesla cars that can be seen from space

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With Tesla sales declining, production is greatly outpacing demand. Furthermore, the company is struggling to reduce just-in-time production and unsold inventory is accumulating so high that it can be seen from space. Explanations.

Satellite imagesProvided by monitoring marketplace SkyFi, it reveals that Tesla's sales centers across the US and the factory in Fremont, California, are increasingly full and crammed with unsold cars. A sky-high visualization showing Tesla's current financial difficulties.

There are several factors at play. On the one hand, electric vehicle manufacturers have been noticing a slowdown in demand for fully electric vehicles for some time. On the other hand, there is an increase in cheaper alternatives, especially from Chinese car competitors.

Elon Musk also has a lot to do with it. He scares away potential buyers with his much-criticized behavior and allows himself to be distracted by his many other businesses. So unsold inventories accumulate more and more. For example, photos last month showed hundreds of Tesla cars Unsold collected At a shopping mall outside Chesterfield, Missouri.

Moving on, know that Elon Musk fired 500 Tesla employees over a comment he didn't like.

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