Onet Le Chateau.  Paul Tugan met his readers in the cultural space

Onet Le Chateau. Paul Tugan met his readers in the cultural space

After dedicating for the first time to the cultural space, during the publication of his last two works, Paul Tugan on Saturday repeated the extension of encounter and exchange with his readers. Through his book “Spirituality and Renaissance,” Paul Togan attempts to raise awareness and call for the liberation of minds.

Man is created of flesh and mind, and through sarcasm and humor, the author evokes religious obscurantism: “It is the awakening of consciences that I call for, and to combat this alienation, I demand a free spirit, because without a doubt any form of faith, any form of oppression is like a lamp in the depths of a cave: it sheds very little light on the souls…”

Some poems are illustrated by the author himself. It is followed by “The Road Notebook” as an invitation to travel, where feelings move bodies and words…

“Filigranes” are selections of poetic texts that pay tribute to famous authors and painters, as well as relatives or friends. It is an invitation to engage in a literary approach to the heart of human adventure. The love of life is celebrated there, because in the face of time that passes, and beings that no longer exist, words remain…

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