Hollywood Museum makes a mess: Billie Eilish - all bloated |  entertainment

Hollywood Museum makes a mess: Billie Eilish – all bloated | entertainment

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A mix of Lady Gaga (36), Christina Aguilera (41) – and Billie Eilish (20)! This is the best way to describe the new wax figure of American superstar Billie Eilish. Anyway, fans agree that Los Angeles’ Hollywood Wax Museum didn’t hit the Bad Guy singer very well.

The first photo of the wax doll was posted on Twitter and fans flooded with comments. Here are some excerpts from the funny sayings: “Billie Eilish’s wax figure looks like everyone except Billie Eilish,” “Who the hell is that?” “They need to stop making these wax figures because they can’t.”

Real Billy!

Photography: Samir Hussain/WireImage

a look at Homepage of the American Wax Museum It shows that Americans don’t seem to take it seriously with the celebrity fine print…

In any case, Bailey herself has not yet commented on her powerful husband, she would rather rock the completely sold-out Mercedes-Benz circuit in Berlin on Thursday night as part of the “Happiest Ever, World Tour”. The 20-year-old has toured since February, inspiring millions of fans around the world – be it America, England, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand or Australia!

Billie Eilish is everywhere and she has enough hits for this big tour. Because every single that the super talent releases (including “Ocean Eyes,” “Bury A Friend,” and “All I Wanted”) sounds like the current zeitgeist.

Anyway, fans are happy to see the real Billy on stage and take pictures of their idol. Then you can save yourself the trip to the wax museum…

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