"By Train Across the Algarve" on ARTE on Live and TV: Episode 1 of Season 15 of the Travel Report

“By Train Across the Algarve” on ARTE on Live and TV: Episode 1 of Season 15 of the Travel Report

Today, July 1, 2022, the ‘Trans Algarve Train’ travel report can be seen on TV. You can read all the information about today’s broadcast, live broadcast and repeat “via the Algarve” here.

On July 1, 2022, the movie “Train Across the Algarve” will be shown on TV. If you do not want to miss the travel report under any circumstances, you have to register in time Good heart Run: Begins with Season 15 Introduction (“Across the Algarve”) 17:50 hour. If you prefer to watch digital TV: Arte also offers online live streaming.

‘By Train Across the Algarve’ Today on Live and TV: This is what ‘Across the Algarve’ is all about

We are getting around the Algarve by train. Far from the well-known dream beaches, the largest natural coral reef is located in Portugal. Bags and shoes are made of traditional cork for raw materials. And the wind plays a role everywhere – as friend or foe. From Vila Real de Santo António on the Spanish border it passes through Faro and Tunes to Lagos in the west. In the Algarve, there are 60-year-old diesel railcars operated by the Portuguese railway company CP, which have long since been phased out elsewhere. On the one hand, they spread a good bit of nostalgia, but on the other hand they are a decent challenge for motorists, who sometimes have to make temporary repairs to vehicles on the way. Seniors trains need at least three hours for the 140-kilometre route, enough time to enjoy the scenery of Portugal’s southernmost Algarve region. The flat east is characterized by sun, sand and salt, and the rocky west by forests, wind and waves. The locals use what they have. Castro Marim is famous for its premium sea salt and Santa Luzia for its delicious octopus. Cocos thrive in Laguna Formosa, a 60-kilometre natural park off the sandy coast east of Faro. Sandstone comes in many different forms, from the soft stone on the stunning rocky coast west of Faro to the relatively hard found at Silves Castle. Cities like Silves, Tavira, Faro and Lagos tell of medieval days, both when Muslims ruled the Algarve and later when Portuguese sailors set out from there on expeditions. (Source: Aarti, quoted by FUNKE magazines)

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Repeating the phrase ‘by train across the Algarve’ online at Arte Media Library and on TV

For all those who can’t watch By Train Through the Algarve Today, July 1, 2022 at 5:50pm: Take a look at Arte’s media library. There you will find many TV reports after the online broadcast as video-on-demand for broadcast. Aarti repeats “Through the Algarve” but again on TV: AM 14.7.222 Around 5:05 pm. As a rule, you will find the program online after it has been broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs.

“By the Algarve Train” on TV today: a snapshot of all the info

Date: 07/01/2022

in: aarti

consequence: 1 / Season 15 (“Across the Algarve”)

Trait: through the Algarve

year of production: 2020

height: 45 minutes (from 5:50 pm to 6:35 pm)

HD: yes

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