Hogarth Chocolate and other chocolate dishes as part of a new online store

Sabine Schlenker from Lüneburg runs her online business with heart and passion. A variety of chocolates are served there.

Lüneburg (OTS)

How complex chocolate could tasteExactly, it shows the impressive line of products from Schokothek in Lüneburg. As the owner, Sabine Schleinker attaches great importance to the quality of delicacies; For this reason, the commodity group only offers handcrafted items in the form of bars of chocolate, praline and truffles. In her native Franconia, she also gets wines from select winemakers – this matches perfectly with premium chocolatiers. Fruit brandy from family farms and luxurious vinaigrette preparations from the Franconian gourmet complement the program.

The chocolatier is especially fond of products Hogarth Chocolate Factory From New Zealand at heart. Owner Karl has become a quirky chocolatier. It uses small amounts of cocoa right away – the experts say Bean to bar Titled. In addition to chocolate of singular origin, he has chocolate with somewhat unusual ingredients in his products and store range, for example kumara chips, which are sweet potato chips or the roots of the sarsaparilla plant, and the fruits are known as smurfberries. This chocolate is very hot and strong.

His chocolate pairs well with wine – too White wineFor example, butter and sea salt toast with Sylvan Franconi or maple nuts with Pinot Blanc or strong Chardonnay.

It should be noted in particular that Hogarth Chocolate Factory Only organic raw materials are used and not soy lecithin or palm fat. Karl has already won a number of awards for his excellent merchandise.

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Sabine Schlenker has been providing the finest chocolates since 2014

Drunk since 2014 Sabine Schleinker Their customers are in Lüneburg Chocolatier. “Consumers always leave the store happy and satisfied,” says the chocolatier. Now Sabine Schleinker dares to take the next step and bring it with her Online store Her passion for chocolate is direct to customers all over Germany and even at home in Europe. And she does it on the web with the same passion that she does in her store. As a guest of the web store, you can instantly feel a passion for chocolate and immediately feel the optimum advice and information.

The special origin, type of cocoa beans, their gentle production and refinement under fair trade conditions have already set the standards for these unique specialties from around the world. Sometimes this is the climate in which the beans thrive, sometimes it’s unusual roasted scents, and sometimes it’s the interaction of fruit, nuts, or spices that creates extravagant taste experiences. All in all, great ingredients and responsible production decide Whether delicacies find their way into the product range and chocolate store stores.

A chocolate shop in Lüneburg

The store is located in one of the oldest buildings in Lüneburg and serves chocolate manufactured by small companies. Made directly on site – for example in India, Colombia or New Zealand – as well as chocolate from chocolatiers from Germany, Belgium, Lithuania, Austria and the Netherlands, who obtain their chosen cocoa beans – mostly from premium cocoa beans and sometimes endangered species – from smaller cocoa farmers or cooperatives. At Sabine Schlenker, experts will find rare varieties and chocolate varieties for allergy sufferers as well as a changing selection of pralines and fresh truffles carefully handcrafted in their Franconian homeland.

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Enjoyable aperitifs from chocolate bar Also available as gifts; Thanks to a collaboration with an artist, truffles and candy are wrapped in a “KunstSchatulle” for an unusual surprise. Connected business customer service Schokothek takes on the task of sending chocolate and wine to company partners in an uncomplicated and conscientious manner.

All chocolate store products, including Hogarth Chocolate FactoryAlso available to individuals through the online store at www.schokothek.de To buy.

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