Didn’t take back control, start the third wave?  – concentration

Didn’t take back control, start the third wave? – concentration

While writing the next post, a new message came out from New Zealand confirming what was written. Due to one new infection, the city of Auckland will be closed for a week. New Zealand has nearly wiped out Corona. It is clear that “resisting the beginnings” is the most effective method.

Europe missed it. In Germany, the confusion of jurisdiction between the federal and state governments is causing an uncontrolled proliferation. The system hardly allows for rigorous and consistent action. The situation is exacerbated by slow vaccinations and lack of testing strategies (collection in schools with gargling, rapid tests for meetings in offices and companies that do not allow domestic work).

The people of Passau also feel that the borders of Europe have never given up on their minds. Why don’t neighboring countries go hand in hand? The third wave began to appear in Austria a week ago.

Obviously, it’s a cliché for your fingers to always point at “those out there.” Everyone can and are allowed to act independently. Parents who do not send their children to school or kindergarten, for example, despite having opened them again, prove that they have understood: Places of group get-together, whether it is the homes of asylum seekers or the homes of the elderly or schools, can be disease drivers.

Looking across the border: Schärding almost reached the hit value of 200 again.

A year of pandemic. The virus is currently spreading worse in the Czech Republic. There, freedom of movement was partially restricted to 500 meters.

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A look at the uncomfortable facts: When comparing deaths from the pandemic, Passau is worse than the United States or the Czech Republic. The boycott has been affected as hard as the United States.

By the numbers:

  • Czech Republic: 190 deaths per 100,000 population.
  • Hong Kong: 3 dead
  • Passau: 220
  • Germany: 85
  • Austria: 93
  • United States of America: 170
  • Passau County: 171

How do they do that in Hong Kong?

You have a historical pandemic experience. “So far, Hong Kong has barely been affected by COVID-19,” the Foreign Ministry wrote. It should be correct to say: Hong Kong is affected like the whole world, but people in the city behave differently. We raise four points in this regard.

1. Those who have tested positive will be isolated in the hospital without exception. With us there is hardly any isolation in families or in the guest room.

(We covered this case in the current journal: When the wife who tested positive and was showing symptoms wanted to know from the health department employee in Fürstensl what to do with her husband, who is a very serious patient, he answered: “Can’t you take him to the hospital for a test on your own? “The procedure whereby a wife must be isolated before she becomes infected – it was not clear at the time – is not provided for in our system. He died 14 days later).

2. Full control over breakouts from day one. If a new case occurs in Hong Kong, it will be closed immediately – and remain that way until everyone has been thoroughly tested. Big cuts, but as for the rest, this means: maximum freedom. The incidence in the three waves did not exceed 3 (in words: three).

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The incidence rate today in Passau: 80. In the region: 118. Altötting rose to the same value, which has so far worked quite well. In the Region of Region: 142.

3. Masks are worn naturally like we do with socks and even swimming goggles to protect the eyes are not ridiculous. “Nothing to worry about,” my colleague Christopher Wong explains in a pragmatic way when I show him an article from Bavaria: A politician from the FDP has spoken out against the requirement to wear a mask on bicycles because he cannot see anything with a mask and blurry glasses.

4. Opening mouths without a mask – prohibited. What most people in Hong Kong seem to have internalized: Eating and drinking in company is not possible. “We do this privately, too,” claims Wong. Restaurants: They are only supposed to be tables for two.

Kelly is in Hong Kong, a colleague with whom the editorial team had discussions about the situation. He is a journalist and spent several years in Europe. Due to the political situation, he has given up his job in Hong Kong and is doing retail business.

Almost 350 dead in the Passau region

Passau County: The number of patents in provincial hospitals increased again for three days. (Graphic: mediendenk)

In Passau region, the press spokesperson reported 40 new cases from the weekend late Sunday afternoon. The RKI index gives the 7 day incidence as 118. News of the death of an 81-year-old man. The pandemic killed nearly 350 people out of 192,800 people.

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351, 382, ​​383 – These are the latest daily numbers, and the trend is increasing, for injured or sick people in Passau County. The trend line indicating that the epidemic could be under control in the first weeks of March has expired. The number of patients is rising again in district hospitals.

In Passau City The three-day downtrend has been broken. The 7-day incidence was below 100, the lowest was 61, and now 80. There were serial tests on Thursday at the slaughterhouse. 10 of the 80 or so employees were positive. A returnee from home leave brought the virus with him. This result is still pending. The mayor will open schools and day care centers on Monday. There is no testing strategy like there is in Tübingen (pool tests with gargling and quick quizzes for all teachers).

According to our information, the daycare center Saint Severin in Passau-Insstadt has been affected again: two groups will be closed as of Monday and parents have been advised to avoid any contact with other people, as it is likely that all children who were present last week should be in quarantine. . Apparently there have been many positive tests.

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