A note about the Sun in New Zealand – takes its course in the North

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You may have heard this saying: “From the east the sun rises, in the south Takes Your presence they Running around, In the west it will Your presence Drop in north he is Your presence You will never see. However, things look different if one is to properly apply the slogan around the path of the sun in New Zealand. Then it should be: “In the north it takes its course.” Children especially often encounter the well-known mantra at a young age. At the same time, you also gain knowledge of the four cardinal points, which of course also comes in handy.

Some say it a little differently. But overall: Rhyme is useful if you want to define the four cardinal points. But if you can TakesThere’s a little wrong with that. When it gets dark, we say: The sun is setting. But this is not true: the sun is always shining.

Instead, the Earth rotates. So slowly that we don’t notice this shift. “The sun is standing almost still and shining in all directions,” explains one sky expert. But the Earth is spinning. This is why the sun’s rays strike where we are at a different angle in the morning than at noon or in the evening, for example. When the sun does not shine in our place, the night is with us. Then our part of the Earth is removed from the sun.

The earth rotates so slowly that it does not darken immediately, but only gradually. “There is no general rule when it is dark,” says the Sky expert. “But you can say that before midnight the sun sets everywhere in Germany.” In this case, sunset means: the sun can no longer be seen. There are also regions where the sun does not set for months, specifically in the region around the Arctic and Antarctica.

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