Höfen: Also clients in Canada, New Zealand, and Japan – Bad Wildbad and the surrounding area

Höfen: Also clients in Canada, New Zealand, and Japan – Bad Wildbad and the surrounding area

Hossein Kanat (right) and his company Demid Medizinchik have moved from Rems to Enz. He is the new owner of Adler AG. Mayor Heiko Stiringer greeted him. Photo: Helbig Photo: Schwarzwälder Bote

Economy: Höfener Adler AG has a new owner / mayor visiting the company

Yards. Adler AG in Höfen’s Gräfenau Industrial District has a new owner. The company now operates under the name Adler GmbH & Co. KG, with owner Hussain Kanat as General Manager and Inkan GmbH as partner.

The Adler AG manufacturing contract continues with sheet metal processing, metal processing and welding for the automotive, electrical, energy and medical technology industries as usual. “We will continue to be loyal to Adler customers,” he assures Laqanat. All 34 employees have been hired and five more will be added.

Service provider Adler now has its own product. 70 percent of capacity is accounted for through contract manufacturing, and 30 percent is for the manufacture of Demid Medical Trolleys, which have been headquartered in Gravenau 56 since August.

There is a lot to do right now, Kanat stresses, because, as usual, another batch of requests appeared at the end of the year.

Contact through intermediaries

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Hussain Kanat founded Demed Medical Carts eleven years ago in Waiblingen in the Rems Valley. At the time, he began building functional gear carts for dental practices in a garage, he says. It was sold initially to doctors in the Stuttgart region, later nationwide and then in other European countries. He now has clients in Canada, New Zealand and Japan. “In the end we reached our limits. It became clear that we needed our own production facility, because we had purchased bits of sheet metal for our products by then,” Kanat explains. He found what he was looking for at Höfener Adler AG. Owner Lutz Adler, who wanted to abandon his company for health reasons, was contacted by a corporate middleman. “It fits like a fist,” says Kanat happily.

Although the year of the epidemic has left signs of slipping and some things have gone wrong, Kanat wants to continue growing, especially in the Benelux and Scandinavian countries.

Expand the range of products

The existing agent network will be expanded with dental warehouses and independent commercial agents in Scandinavia. An advertising budget is provided for this as well.

The company also wants to grow by expanding its product range. To date, dental practices in particular have generated 80 percent of sales.

Kanat now also wants to win hospitals as clients. “This is why we need other components and systems,” Kanat explains. “Hospital devices have to meet the special health requirements of the Robert Koch Institute.” Therefore, the development department with two employees will start operating in the middle of next year. The corresponding resources are available in the company.

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Höfen’s mayor, Heiko Stieringer, visited the new company and said he was pleased with the growth in the Gräfenau industrial zone: “I think it is great to have someone very brave, especially at this time. Adler’s jobs are guaranteed and also by“ taking over another production part ” , Says Stieringer.

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